Submission Guidelines

News and feature submissions

The New Maine Times considers submissions of news stories and photography from writers for inclusion in our weekly online newspaper. We hope to offer compensation in the near future, but right now submissions are uncompensated. We do offer a byline and unrestricted secondary rights. We expect stories to have a Maine focus in one of our target areas: Sustainability, Politics, Economic analysis, Investigation, State news, Needs of a changing population, Photography, and Culture (reviews and interviews with artists of all kinds, community and children's events, restaurant reviews, and Maine food/wine stories). 

We are also always looking for stories about Maine places for a regular feature, "A Place Called ...".  If you would like to tell us in a longish story (1,000 words or even more) about the history of your neck of the woods, please let us know.  Photos are very welcome. We are also looking for true Maine characters for our "Our Maine Man" (or woman) story. Photos are required for this feature. If you know someone who would be a great addition, please let us know.

If you are considering writing a piece for the New Maine Times, please send a concise pitch – one paragraph ought to do it – including working title, subject, focus area and expected length. Please also note if you expect to use a photo or a graphic, and if you will require one of our photographers or our graphic artist to help you with it. Our creative department will get in touch with you about photo and graphic requirements if your story is accepted.

Send your pitch to and include your contact information, including telephone number and e-mail address. The editor will respond to all news submission pitches within two weeks.

Photo essay submissions

If you are interested in doing a photo essay, please send a thumbnail of your best pic in the bunch and your pitch to Please don't send the rest of your photos until you hear from Tyler that we can use your work. We are limited to one photo essay per week, of five or six photographs. You can send them at full size JPGs either individually or in an archive. We'll resize them for the Web. Be sure to include photo captions in the e-mail as well. 

Poetry submissions

The New Maine Times will also publish poetry from Maine poets in our Poet's Corner. We expect this section to be popular, so sadly we must limit poetry submissions to two per poet per year, and the submission will be included as space is available. Because we will be adding the poetry on a space-available basis, we will be unable to tell you in advance when your work will appear, but it will remain on the site indefinitely. Poetry is not compensated, and must not require excessive stylization, since our submission program does not permit us to manipulate spacing to any great extent.

Please send poetry submissions to

Letter to the Editor submissions

In addition to our immediate comment feature, you can also submit a longer letter to the editor on any issue. Please send letters to with LETTER in the subject line. Include your name, contact number, and town.  Unless otherwise requested, we will print your name and town after your letter.