Not deferential enough: Trees are hope

Posted Tuesday, April 15, 2014 in Opinion

Not deferential enough: Trees are hope

by Gina Hamilton

Chris planted another Gravenstein apple this week, and built a pretty flower box around it.  I bought some pansies, those harbingers of spring, to put in the circular bed.  They are purple and yellow, those flowers, and even though the weather has been awful and even tonight as I write this, the wind howls and screams, and blows buckets off the porch and hurls the girls' sleds about the yard, those little pastel beauties will survive the night, along with the tree they encircle.

Indoors, I planted a Key lime, an orange, and another lime, to join my very healthy lemon tree as a nascent orangerie. They'll live in the hall where they'll get the southern light, weak and ineffectual as it seems to us.  To them it is manna from heaven. When the weather is drastically improved, they'll go to live in the greenhouse for the summer and get strong and healthy, and will experience the cycles of nature they must endure to survive.

So must we all, endure the cycles of nature.

Trees are hope. They are a promise that although things can appear dead and lifeless, given just a little warmth, light, and enough water, they will awaken, unfurl their leaves, do their work cleaning up the CO2 in the atmosphere, and produce some real sweetness for you if you give them just the modicum of care.

I talk to my trees. I sing to them. I coax them into producing flowers, and fruit, and I thank them for their treasured gifts when they do.  They are simple souls and such simple praise rings in their hearts like Christmas bells pealing in joy.

As I chat with my trees, convincing them to choose life, I wonder why we all can't have such simple lives. 

Most of us think too much, worry too much, fear too much. We don't trust in the wheel of the year, even though it's the one thing in our lives that's never failed us, never once.  We turn to evil substances to try to assuage our fears.  Maine's children are suffering from opiate abuse in numbers never seen before.  They try to self-medicate because they don't understand that the Earth itself, if they let her, will give them peace.

Just for today, let go of all the fears, pains, and thoughts that lead us astray.  In this Earth Week, simply be passengers on this amazing spaceship as we gently tilt toward the Sun.  Spend time in one of our wonderful wild places, experiencing the cycle of nature.  Be quiet and let the Earth tell you her deepest secrets.

And then go home and recreate a bit of that secret in your own space. 

Speak to the trees, and speak for the trees.  Thank them for their gifts - their flowers, their fruit...

and especially their gift of hope.

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