Not deferential enough: Sofa wrangling

Posted Tuesday, April 1, 2014 in Opinion

Not deferential enough: Sofa wrangling

by Gina Hamilton

It's only Tuesday, and it's been the week from Hades.  Chris and our son and heir were both ill, and I am getting ill, and cars have been doing peculiar things, and the animals are all super needy, and in the middle of it all, we bought a new ... to us ... sofa to replace the saggy old thing I've been trying to smarten up with hand-made pillow covers and slipcovers for years. We saw one in the local online "yard sale" that was just the thing, and the price was right, and so it is now in our home.

But to get it in means the old one had to go, and it happened that Monday was the day we had to do it, because that's when the seller had to get rid of it in order to get her own new ... to her ... sofa and chair.

Of course, neither male was in any shape to do such a thing, and there was a real issue with getting it out, not entirely sure why, because obviously it made it into the room.  Luckily, Friend Mark helped out ... he does upholstery for a living ... and somehow, among the four of us, we wrestled the sofa out of the room and out the door.

I had planned to save the sofa for a coworker who is, by his own admission, the world's greatest mooch. We weren't able to bring it back indoors, but tomorrow we can at least put it on the deck and cover it with a tarp and hope it stays dry enough for John to take it away when he gets his U-Haul truck in a week's time.  The cushions can stay indoors.  I'm giving him the slipcovers and pillow covers so that he has some options, an old table and chairs, too, and some kid things.  Which should give me a lot of what I need, which is space.

But this weekend, I am driving north to pick up a pair of chairs ... again, price is right ... for our library, so the Ikea chair that I really liked when I bought it (honestly, I did) must move upstairs to the office, because the older dog won't hear of us getting rid of it. It's more of a dog bed than a chair, at this point, but perhaps I'll get busy and get some Rit color remover and get rid of the blue dye, and perhaps re-dye it some cheerful color so that it looks Brand New.

Now that I've stopped laughing, I have decided it's not a half-bad idea, so the next time I'm in a shop that sells the stuff, I shall get some.

Spring has come, and some changes to the Interior Living Space ... preferably inexpensive changes ... are absolutely necessary.  Luckily, dime-designing is in the blood.

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