Humble Rants 26 February 2014

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014 in Opinion

Humble Rants 26 February 2014

by Robert Skoglund, aka The humble Farmer

Perhaps you have noticed the new humble picture heading up this column. 

I was motivated to ask our friend Gina to use it when reader Robert said I didn't look a day over 52.

I was over 75 when the picture above these words was taken by professional photographer Jeff Stevensen. He lives in Portland and he does good work.

And --- I didn't go to him and ask him to take my picture. Jeff, a radio friend, came to me and asked if he could add some pictures of me to his portfolio.

I think he done good and asked Gina to use the picture, lest I come across like Ann Landers who used the same head shot for decades. 

My critics should know that when I was 36, for a few weeks I enjoyed the company of a knock-down drag-out good-looking blonde girl 20 years my junior. A visitor in the neighborhood, she was born and brought up in Europe so she had no local friends, was much more mature than American girls, I was able to converse with her in her native tongue and --- her mother knew I was harmless.

A mutual friend chanced to ask her if she didn't think Robert was a little old for her. She said, "No."

"Do you know how old he is?"

 "I think he is 24."

Again, it is the smoking and drinking and that "healthy looking tan" and being a responsible parent that ages people.  I was able to avoid all of these wrinkle makers.

When I die and you and your friend are viewing me, all laid out in my coffin, and your friend says, "My doesn't he look good?"  

You can zip up your parka and snarl, "Well, he ought to. He winters in Florida."

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