Maine Takes Up LD 1428, “An Act To Protect Religious Freedom”

Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 in Politics

Maine Takes Up LD 1428, “An Act To Protect Religious Freedom”

Apollo Karara, who testified against the bill at a public hearing.

by Andi Parkinson

UPDATE #2 (2/18/14): After a lengthy floor debate with many senators on both sides standing to speak, ultimately the bill was voted “ONTP” (ought not to pass), 19-16 (video of the floor debate to follow).

The bill now goes to the House.

1428 senate

UPDATE (1/24/14): The Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted against the measure, 8-4. Senator Linda Valentino (D-York), who serves as chair of the committee, later issued the following statement:

The bill will now go before the Senate for another vote.

LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom” was held over from earlier in the session and had a public hearing on January 16th before the legislature’s Judiciary Committee. Among those to speak in opposition to the bill, which opponents say will lead to legalized discrimination was Maine’s Attorney General, Janet T. Mills. Below is her testimony as presented to the committee.


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An overview via EqualityMaine:

ACLU of Maine shared statements of some of the opponents who spoke.

Rev. Sue Gabrielson:

Apollo Karara:

Oamshri Amarasingham:

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