LD 1656, “An Act To Increase Safety For Victims Of Domestic Violence” Has Public Hearing in Augusta

Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 in News

by Andi Parkinson

A public hearing before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety legislative committee was held this month for LD 1656,“An Act to Increase Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence”, sponsored by Senator Emily Cain (D-Penobscot). The bill builds upon an earlier law sponsored by then-House Democratic Leader Cain requiring law enforcement officers to receive training to use evidence-based domestic violence risk assessments. That earlier law did not specify how the information obtained from the assessments could be used and LD 1656 is meant to clarify how law enforcement, judicial, and community groups share information obtained from the risk assessments in order to plan the most effective response when domestic violence occurs.


A portion of her prepared testimony:

Senator Rebecca Millett was next to testify in support of the measure:


CJPS Committee Senate Chair, Senator Stan Gerzofsky (D-Brunswick) also rose to address his committee- a rare occurrence, but this bill which he cosponsored and issue as a whole is one that the senator feels very passionately and strongly about (clip to his full testimony here):


Others who spoke in support of the bill included Julia Colpitts of Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, Attorney General Janet Mills, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, representatives from the Maine State Police and other advocates.

A work session for the bill will be held later in the session.

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