Humble Rants 11 December 2013

Posted Tuesday, December 10, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 11 December 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

"those who are not prosperous have only themselves to blame." 

I think about this often because I was never able to hold a job.

It's like the mother who tells her retarded kid, "You can learn if you really want to and really try." 

You've heard me say that when I was 12 or so I went out to rake blueberries in West Rockport. Whole gang of us must have gone up there on a bus, I can't remember. But I do know that by noon I couldn't do it anymore and I walked home. I simply couldn't do it. 

I have an MA at the University of Maine Orono that lacks a final paper. I never got around to doing it. 

I have fallen asleep in front of a class of 5th grade students. When the last one was out the door I'd put my head on my desk and sleep until supper time.

My wife saw me fall asleep on the stage before 300 people. Ever since then when I'd go off to speak she'd say, "Don't forget to do drugs."

I have read books in which, for example, a man was sent out to split wood by his wife. When she came out to check on him, he was sleeping. The point was that he was lazy. He was the village joke. Nothing was said about a glandular disorder.

Do you know what it feels like to have something you really want to do and be unable to do it because you're so tired you can't think?

I'm doing well today because I had a 40 minute nap yesterday afternoon and I walked a mile and I rode my bike two miles --- and I went to bed at 7 and got up 5. I slept 10 hours last night. Some of it in my sleep apnea mask. My best friend lives on 5 hours sleep and Marsha doesn't need much more.

There is no question in my mind but what people who have done well in this life did it because of some innate inner strength. I am sure that strength and endurance count more than intelligence when it comes to being respected in this world.

My wife has this power to (even as I write she opens the door, looks in, smiles, and says, "It's warming up. You might want to consider taking your walk soon") do things like scrape the paint off an antique door with a spoon and stand there and do it for 8 hours. For three weeks or so she was employed to get on her knees, and, with a clean white cloth and some special kind of liquid, carefully wipe clean a painted floor that was 300 or so years old. Nobody can do that kind of thing. 

She was the first exchange student from her large high school and she got a DAR award (she told me yesterday). Her mother was the top student in her graduating class of nurses. So there is IQ there as well as innate physical drive. The stick-to-itness. The first day I brought Marsha to my house (it is still my house although it is our home) she started cleaning it and organizing it and she has never stopped. She couldn't stop if she wanted to. She is driven.

I used to write for over 55 newspapers. I stopped doing it because.... well, I couldn't do it anymore. If I had continued, I might be doing well today. Now the only paper that pays to run my rants is the Portland Press Herald. 

I did enjoy speaking and promoting that business and put everything I had into that. But when I got married there were those with powers of persuasion who thought it would be best if I discontinued my unique marketing tool. So I don't do that.

I could never get a book together although I have written for years and have material enough for a dozen books. I have no idea of how people do that kind of thing. 

I'm in awe of anyone who could work for the post office or at any job for 25 years. Every day. Every day. They deserve two times the pensions they are now getting. Two years in the Coast Guard near to killed me. There are unfortunate people who fall by the wayside in any race.  All men are not created equal. And if you are the top salesman in your company, you should be glad.

So when someone who leaps out of bed after only 5 hours of sleep beats himself on the chest and shouts to the world: "those who are not prosperous have only themselves to blame" I have my own opinions.

There, but for the grace of Mother Nature, go I.

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