Humble Rants 27 November 2013

Posted Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 27 November 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

Have you seen the new flood maps of the Rockland waterfront?

May I get a word in here before the cognoscenti break out their really big guns?

It is not surprising that climate change is strongly denied by those companies in the world that garner their profits by causing the rate of climate change to speed up. Their propaganda has been eagerly accepted by millions because the issue has been very cleverly politicized: If the freaked-out whackos who belong to the Bullmoose party are alarmed by the changing chemistry in seawater, there really isn’t anything to be alarmed about. It is a liberal plot to get your tax dollars.

One critic writes: "The key here is that this area has NEVER flooded. NEVER."

I'm glad to learn that something that hasn't happened can't happen a few years down the road --- because up to a fairly recent date I have NEVER died. NEVER.

Unfortunately for me, and Rockland's public landing, sea level rise corroborates other evidence of global warming.

And sea level is rising faster as time goes on.

We read that because the behavior of sea level is such an important signal for tracking climate change, oil companies and their political allies seize on the sea level record in an effort to cast doubt on this evidence. Sea level bounces up and down slightly from year to year so it's possible to cherry-pick data falsely suggesting the overall trend is flat, falling or linear.

You might look for examples of this cherry picking of data in letters to the editor should property owners along shore become involved. 

Observational data and changing conditions in such places as Greenland suggest if there's a real problem at Rockland’s public landing and some of the nearby boat houses it's underestimation of future sea level rise.

What? If there's a real problem here it's underestimation of future sea level rise?

When I go down to Fort Point, I don't see a good portion of Fort Point that I played on 70 years ago because it ain’t there any more. Solid ground that was put there by the last ice age washed away in less than 70 years because the waters they are a rising faster than they used to. We hear that some folks in New Orleans, North Carolina and New Jersey have recently come to realize that they have a serious problem with rising water. And if you are very young, you might --- might live to see salt water on Rockland's public landing where salt water has never been before. 

Is there a solution? Well, if you've ever flown into Schiphol, you might know that it is 11 feet below sea level.

Luckily for Marsha's grandchildren, our house rests on very high ground.

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