Humble Rants 20 November 2013

Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 20 November 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

"Portland residents supported by a wide margin a measure that will legalize marijuana possession in Maine’s largest city."

You might have a friend on chemo-therapy who uses weed to kill the nausea.  Over 40 years ago my mother died in pain with cancer. Back then I didn't know that one puff on a marijuana cigarette would have alleviated her suffering or I would have scrounged around and found some for her.

To fast forward to 2 this morning, until you have been awake at night with a pain in your hip that your doctor's $6 a bottle codeine pills won't handle, I might suggest that you have no valid grounds to speak out on this pot issue. 

Codeine pills is bad stuff. I've been trying to not eat mine for two or so weeks because constipation and the necessity of drinking a pint of warm prune juice are only two of the discomforting side effects.  Codeine is bad stuff.

Pot tea might work for some. But when you're dealing with a human body how can you say if it was the pot tea that killed the pain or if the body healed itself?  Because it is a subjective thing, it is nothing you're going to experiment with just so you'll "know for sure."

I do know that pot tea wasn't doing the job for me yesterday afternoon or in the evening or at night. Perhaps I don't know how to use it. Everyone must have a small difference in those switches that shut off pain and my switch must require more of a pound than those switches considered to be average. 

But. There is light on the horizon because I have it on good authority that one drag of weed eliminates the kind of pain that makes you whimper like a crushed dog.  And I have been told that it works within a minute or two. 

And although three weeks ago I would have told you that I would never ever take one puff on a marijuana cigarette, and my friends would have laughed at you had you suggested that I should ever do such a thing, a 77-year-old body can suddenly be afflicted with one thing or another that causes one to re-evaluate one's basic principles.

If you will, compare it with a drunk in the gutter who has finally fallen low enough to be ripe for Salvation. 

Before the sun sets on this house one more time, please be advised that there is going to be one more old Maine man who has in his hands enough weed to enable him to sleep nights for the next week or two. 

Lung cancer from inhaling smoke is next year. Getting rid of the pain in my hip is now.

Stay tuned.

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