Humble Rants 13 November 2013

Posted Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 13 November 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

A graduate of a Knox County high school, now a young teacher, has discovered that teaching isn't fun any more. --- Probably because she is a natural teacher who enjoyed inspiring students. She enjoyed her work when she started, doing all kinds of wonderful creative things with kids. Her students learned how much fun it was to think. 

But when the George W Bush testing madness took over she had no time for anything except preparing for the tests. If you can create a school system that enables students to simply memorize what they've been told and then graduate without being able to evaluate what they've been told, things would seem to be moving along nicely.

The first thing some teachers say to themselves on the first day of school when they look out on the happy faces is, "Let me see, seven have fathers who lost their jobs when the factory shut down, six live with just their mothers who work two jobs and don't get home until 8 P. M., and here are three who don't speak English because their parents were brought in to work in the fields. I think I'm going to forget about paying off my college loans with my fantastic salary and snuff it up my nose just to get me through the winter."

Teaching would seem to be an anachronism. Just as anyone can paint a picture from the numbers, from what I hear about the present system, anyone could stand before a class nowadays and go through the motions dictated by the paradigm. 

Things seem to be moving along nicely.

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