Maine Governor Paul LePage Campaign Kick-Off Event Tweets

Posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 in Politics

Selected tweets, news stories, photos and online shares from or regarding the November 5, 2013 event held at the Buker Community Center in Augusta, ME.

Paul LePage

People from all over Maine are arriving in Augusta for the special LePage 2014 Kick-Off.

Scott Thistle 

At the LePage event now. #mepolitics tv guys working on their



LePage promised fiscal responsibility, turned around and broke the bank with tax cuts for the rich. #mepolitics

Michael Shepherd

Welcome to 2014. MT @The_RGA LePage has clear record of accomplishment: More jobs, less taxes.  #mepolitics


LePage promised to stand for little guy, turned around and hired corporate lobbyists to run his administration. #mepolitics

Rob Poindexter

Packed house at Governor LePage campaign kickoff event. #mepolitics


Steve Mistler 

Press warming up for LePage kickoff. #mepolitics


Republican Party Chair Rick Bennett addressing the crowd #mepolitics


GOP Chairman Rick Bennett taking the stage now. Talks up LePage’s biz cred and reform policy. #mepolitics

Bennett talking up party unity at LePage event, says all Republicans support “actions over words” #mepolitics

Governor LePage is about to officially announce he’s running for governor in 2014.#LiveonCBS13 Watch it live >> …

LePage here now. This place is pretty pumped. #mepolitics

I’m not one of those smooth-talking politicians. – Paul LePage

How @Governor_LePage has managed to embarrass the state of Maine

LePage: Politicians talk about poverty. I lived it. I know the best way out of poverty is a job. #mepolitics

Gov. LePage: A job is the best way out of poverty. #LiveonCBS13

“While politicians talk about poverty – I lived it. I know that when someone can work a job it’s the best way out of poverty.” – LePage

There’s been a 41% reduction in welfare cases in the last three years – LePage speech

LePage talking up welfare reforms and fraud crackdown. Loud applause.#mepolitics

It’s Official: Gov. LePage Announces Bid for Second Term

Crowd erupts as LePage touts welfare reforms. #mepolitics


signed a law to make sex trafficking a crime in Maine. – LePage speech

Gov. LePage: If you want to use the state for your personal game, I’m the wrong guy to be your governor. #LiveonCBS13

“I eliminated taxes charged on meals for our senior citizens at retirement homes.” – LePage speech

So, despite the personal attacks that come with the job; I won’t give up on Maine.- LePage speech

Gov. LePage: I will not give up on working Maine families. #LiveonCBS13

So today, I’m announcing I’m running for Governor of the state of Maine. — LePage speech

LePage: If it’s to be, it’s up to me. #mepolitics

The governor of Maine is a simpleton, sure a job is the best way out of poverty, providing that this job pays ones enough to live on.

Evidently. RT @WCSH6: I’m not one of those smooth-talking politicians. – Paul LePage

LePage: “Despite the personal attacks I take everyday, I won’t give up on Maine.”#mepolitics


LePage says he made a lot of tough decisions, including reducing pension debt.#mepolitics

LePage: “I’m not a smooth talking politician.” #mepolitics


@Robb1239 No LePage filthy mouthed. Maine ready to show him the door!

“We are going to crack down on all state fraud.” — LePage. #mepolitics

LePage: “Our economy and our environment don’t have to compete. We just have to treat them equally.” #mepolitics

LePage now takes a moment to thank his wife. #mepolitics

LePage: Yes, I have made some tough decisions, yes I have changed to status quo. We need to move forward. I won’t give up. #mepolitics

LePage: I might bend, but I don’t break. #mepolitics

Back sticker sentiment. LePage rally. #mepolitics


LePage: I’m not a man of fancy words. I’m a man of action. #mepolitics

RT @Stevie_Rob LePage talks about his family and wife. What a homophobe!#mepolitics

@Stevie_Rob How could that be homophobic? Gay people also have families and get married in Maine. #mepolitics

@ASFried Oh @Stevie_Rob is just demonstrating why he is clear frontrunner for#mepolitics Dickhead of the Year Award

Is @TheMaineWire on Team @BrucePoliquin? RT @Stevie_Rob Kevin Raye does not appear to be at LePage rally #mepolitics

@mikeshepherdME Key document of CD2 was Raye’s BDN op-ed opposing govt shutdown. Aiming for Rep moderates, general election. #mepolitics

Vote here to get @ppppolls to poll in Maine this week: #mepolitics

Maine Gov. LePage launches re-election campaign (from @AP) …

There’s been a 41% reduction in welfare cases in the last three years – LePage speech

@WCSH6 follow up question: does that mean there is 41% fewer poor people?

If you want to use the state for your own personal gain, you have the wrong Governor. – LePage speech

@WCSH6 Statoil got that message loud and clear

Peter Steele just kicked me out of the gym? What is this, North Korea? #mepolitics

Gov. LePage launches re-election campaign: AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he’s a man of…

Mike is scheduled to be on with @maddow tonight at around 9:30 p.m. #mepolitics

#mepolitics ironic that LePage’s election night launch on Guy Fawkes Day… ;)

LePage talks up deeds, plays down words in re-election launch #mepolitics

Think sarcasm. RT @ASFried@Stevie_Rob How could that be homophobic? Gay people also have families and get married in Maine. #mepolitics

#mepolitics ”Les actes sont plus éloquents que les paroles.” LePage in French.

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