LC's Take: 252

Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2013 in Features

LC's Take: 252

Image by Kevin Doyle

by LC Van Savage

They found him, bemuddied and worn

On a highway, all ragged and torn

They brought him back home

Where he could safe roam

Protected, and fed morn to morn.


He lived with them twenty-six years

His rescuers, his overseers.

They gave him good food

Which he sniffed and then chewed

Such as apples and old boutonnieres.


He dozed in the sun all day long

Even dining on sweet scuppernong

The family adored him

So pleased to afford him

Their dear love all ways and age long.


He never could really forget

That highway where death he near met.

Had it not been for them

On that fateful AM

He'd've been a road kill banquet.


He wanted to show them his love

But couldn't. It was unheard of.

His species could not

But he never forgot 

Now his life was Valhalla above.


They never could think of a name

And as years passed it simply became

A family joke

'Cause they couldn't evoke

A dub for this creature they'd tamed.


Eventually the family knew

They'd name him with no more ado.

For that highway he was named

And that's how he became

The tortoise named “Two Fifty Two.”

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