Maine delegation expresses concern about Syria strike

Posted Wednesday, September 4, 2013 in News

Maine delegation expresses concern about Syria strike

Neither of Maine's senators were enthusiastic about the proposed strike on Syria in retaliation for the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians in a Damascus suburb.

Sen. Susan Collins said that President Barack Obama put the U.S. in a "no-win" situation when he said that any use of chemical weapons would be a "red line" that would have serious consequences.

Neither Collins nor Sen. Angus King have decided how they will vote when the matter comes before the Senate next week.

The White House said Assad killed 1,429 people with chemical weapons, while Assad has accused Syrian rebels of perpetrating the attacks as part of a civil war that began more than two years ago, according to the Associated Press.

On the other side of the rotunda, Rep. Chellie Pingree is also weighing her options, although she did applaud Obama for bringing the matter to Congress.   However, based on what she heard, she is not inclined to vote in favor of the resolution for military action.

“I’m inclined to vote no, but will listen to the president, and am glad he is seeking the approval of Congress,” she said.

Rep. Michael Michaud, too, is cautious.  “I do not believe the president has the power to send our warriors into war, and that’s exactly what this is." he said this weekend. He encouraged Obama to listen to what Congress says after he briefs them on his findings.

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