Humble Rants 31 July 2013

Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 31 July 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

You and I have friends who always blame politicians and Big Government for this country’s woes. Whereas I point an accusing finger at corporate America that paid to have politicians elected so they could vote for legislation benefiting corporate America.

Politicians are doing no more than what the corporations who bought them are paying them to do. I do not hold a so-called politician responsible for his/her actions any more than I would blame a sword-wielding puppet for killing a princess in a Punch and Judy show.

Not that I am any different than most anyone else because I can be bought. Pay off my mortgage and tell me what you want me to say or do and I'll say or do it.

I do not blame GWB or his rich politician friends for the war. I blame the people who voted for them. When a kid is killed in the war or comes home with his mind gone I wonder if his/her parents voted for the man who started it.

All of this was brought to mind today by someone (who knew nothing about the issue) who was whining because President Obama has given everyone on welfare a cell phone.

The cell phone issue is like the gay issue or the Bible issue or the abortion issue in that it is part of the smoke and mirrors put out by corporate America to detract our attention from the things that do matter:  Corporate welfare. The war. The huge corporations that have avoided paying taxes. Big companies like Walmart shutting down thousands of mom and pop stores all over the world.

So we waste our time whining about "free" cell phones, without doing any research to find out what it is all about, instead of asking meaningful questions about the corporate rat hole that is eating up too many of your tax dollars.

 Big government is not the problem. I have lived under a good government where there is no poverty and I have lived under another system where there are fallen down barns and boarded up store windows. With my own eyes I have seen that the problem is not in how much control the government has over lives or how big the government is. Some governments are bad for working people and that is a problem --- for working people. A government elected by the majority of people that works for the majority of people would be the government of choice of any person who is not living off money left to him in trust by his grandfather.

My wife, who has also lived in Europe long enough to be able to agree with me in all matters dealing with politics, will tell you that size doesn't matter.

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