Humble Rants 24 July 2013

Posted Wednesday, July 24, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 24 July 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

We go to school to learn from a school master --- a person who can tell us how to do something that we’d like to be able to do ourselves. 

We all have our mentors from whom we have learned valuable lessons and we are going to talk about that now.    

Years ago Hitler invaded Denmark, claiming to be protecting Denmark from a British invasion.  

Years later George W. Bush invaded Iraq, claiming to be protecting the world from the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.    

There are those who say that GWB was not all that clever. But I would disagree and must point out that a person able to learn from a master teacher is a lot smarter than most of us.    

President Bush was even smarter than his teacher because when the smoke cleared in Germany the land was in economic ruin and Hitler had shot himself.  

But when the smoke cleared here, the land was in economic ruin and President Bush had retired to his ranch in Texas.

1. As important as it might seem to you on the day it happened, 20 years from now no one will ask you, "Where were you when Duchess Kate had her baby?"   I should hasten to say here, that although an Englishman shot my great-great-great grandfather in 1776, at present we have no hard feelings against the English and hardly ever mention the pain and suffering it caused our family at the time.  And this week I am only one of millions of Americans who are eagerly following this birthing story as it unfolds and wish the Duchess and Harry and the child well.

2. The email said, "If You Do This For 10 Seconds, You Will Prevent A Heart Attack From Occurring In Your Lifetime"   I do not feel that by ignoring this email my life hangs in the balance. This email does not interest me. I am not going to read anything or look at the video. The last time I got suckered in, it simply said that Nelson Rockefeller would be alive today if he'd eaten two aspirin before calling his secretary.

3. Some of us are not all that keen on advocating the reading of history. If everyone read history every single person would think like all the other people who read history. And wouldn't the world be a dull and unbearable place if everyone thought just like you and I do?

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