Not deferential enough: Time and money

Posted Wednesday, March 27, 2013 in Opinion

Not deferential enough: Time and money

by Gina Hamilton

I always think that if I ever win the lottery, or get some similar windfall, things will be "different," and they will, of course, I suppose. But other, fresher hells will appear on the horizon should that ever happen. 

I believe I am up to the challenge, and I would like to have the opportunity to demonstrate that. 

Despite Einstein, for most of us operating at less-than-close-to-light speeds, time is a constant. There are only so many hours in a waking day, and as I get older, in fact, the waking day is shorter than ever. I can't get everything that I ought to get done now, so as I add a new foundation, other charitable activities, and such like, getting my ordinary work done seems like it would be harder, not easier.

The trade-off is being able to hire more people to take up the stuff that I don't want to do, I suppose.  The 86-year-old Queen of England manages, somehow, by having staff to pick up the slack. She has the advantage of being English, too, and that helps. No siestas in England! 

However, with a staff of hundreds, I daresay I could take a little elevenses and a snooze in the sun, and then still work on my novel for a few hours before being made ready to open a women's shelter or something. Or bet on a horse in the Derby. 

It's all about making a brief appearance and making the people think you really care. And perhaps really caring, in fact. But you still get home to a tidy house, walked pooches, a nice supper and a hot-water bottle in your bed with a tiny glass of madeira at your bedside table. And your book turned to the proper page for night-time reading.

Aye, I could do that, and I'd likely be quite good at it.

But let's face it, without all the help one would need, made possible by pots of gelt, it's just not going to happen in this lifetime.

Since the large banks and corporate moneyed interests have not proven themselves capable of being able to solve the national problems, or even a tiny little corner of it, or even their own historic problems, I say it's time ... long past time ... to deal with the issues as individuals. Now if the money would just drop into our collective laps, we'd be able to do the right thing, keep calm, and carry on.

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