Historic Snow

Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2013 in News

Historic Snow

Morning after the blizzard.

If Mainers had plans for Saturday, they were canceled.

For the first time in many years, Maine had an actual, honest to goodness blizzard, a winter storm the Weather Channel whimsically called 'Nemo' and which most people will simply refer to as the 'Blizzard of 13'.

The snow was light and fluffy, largely devoid of moisture, leading to it blowing and drifting.  That made it difficult to determine some of the snow totals, but Portland, at least, was credited with a new record snowfall ... 29.1 inches.

This weekend's nor'easter was a confluence of two storms, a dry storm coming from the midwest, and a wet Gulf storm coming up from the south.  Until the day of the storm, no one knew exactly where the two storms would join up.

A 'warm up act' covered the ground on Friday.  It was supposed to be a dusting; in the midcoast, at least, it was about four inches.  The main event didn't start until later that night, and by morning, the storm was in full force.  People who expected it to be largely over on Saturday morning were disappointed; almost all of Saturday's events and most people's work schedules were canceled, as police warned people to stay off the streets.

With good reason.  In Passadumkeag, just north of Old Town, 75-year-old Gerald Crommett became disoriented in the blizzard, struck a tree, and his truck ended up in the Penobscot River.  Crommett died in the accident. 

In Waldoboro, a man who fled his home after police were called on him died in the woods in the blizzard.

And a spectacular 19-car crash on 295 in Falmouth, at the beginning of the snowfall, likely made people wish they'd called in sick instead of braving the slick roads.

But for most people, who stayed put and took the day off, the situation was not so dire.  There were some power outages, but because the nature of the snowfall, there weren't too many of those.  The biggest problem most Mainers had was the need to dig out and clean up on Sunday.

A little snow and rain on Monday created a nuisance and kept people from completely cleaning up, but the weather is staying warmish for the rest of the week, so there will be plenty of time.

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