West of Woolwich: Newtown

Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012 in Features

West of Woolwich: Newtown

... A call for Reasonable Americans to Find Their Voices

 by Fred Kahrl

I have a childhood friend who is outspoken in his conservative political choices.

Our friendship endures in spite of this void that divides most of our political views. But this week … even though I knew I would get some sort of “gun” defense …

I was not ready for this. Now I am risking our friendship to break my silence.

 I love you, old Buddy ...

... but this one (e-mail from you) is in really bad taste.

Newtown is NOT about Pres. Obama, and pinning that cock-up by the Justice Dept. on the President is a cheap shot. Speaking about Drug Trafficking on the U.S./New Mexico Border and the Newtown Massacre in the same breath is shameful, tasteless, and a crude distraction from the real issues that beg our attention.

The President is doing what is expected of his office ... giving some spine to all the cowards who have been intimidated by the NRA and calling reasonable arbiters in the “Gun Control” debate to the table.

There is absolutely NO justification for putting military weapons into the hands of private citizens ... weapons that have been designed solely and specifically for the military to use to kill people.


Selling assault weapons to gun-huggers is equivalent to handing sticks of fused dynamite to teenagers: it’s all about adrenaline and excitement, and the testosterone-driven hunt for a bigger bang.

I know about this dangerous thrill, because I earned a felony police record for building bombs when I was a teen-ager ... arrests that today would have led to hard time in the Big House.

While in the Coast Guard, I carried an operable military carbine as a member of the boot camp Honor Guard … and proudly, I might say. In fact, I was the Honor Guard’s Master at Arms, responsible for the care and preparation of all our ceremonial gear, including the rifles.


I later qualified with the M1 semi-automatic rifle and the .45 caliber pistol. I even went on to represent CGAirSta Kodiak in the District competition. And, I have owned shotguns, rifles and pistols. And when I no longer went fowling and deer hunting, and no longer went hiking in the range of the Kodiak Bear, I sold them.

I didn’t need an arsenal on the wall or in the closet to attest to my manliness.  

But fireworks still excite me and I have to be VERY careful how I scratch that itch. And I have to accept the fact that I am not allowed to buy the really BIG ones. The 500 mg limit is both sensible and adequate. My “rights” have not been violated. Moderation prevails.




Protecting our children is much more important than allowing our common sense to be hijacked by the NRA and by gun lovers who want to pretend they are live-fire guerrillas and terrorists.  

I wouldn’t even trust my own son to “protect me” with an assault rifle, much less to say a Glock 10 mm, unless he was in uniform and properly trained.

The gun lobby’s arguments are specious and absurd. It’s time to begin a reasonable discussion about when enough is enough.

This is my (first) “lecture about … Gun Rights”, old Buddy .... It will not be my last.

And, I am NOT an apologist for President Obama. 

I am a moderate Republican who is tired of being bullied by the NRA.

And I own a gun.

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