Tidemark to present Krisanne Baker show

Posted Tuesday, October 9, 2012 in Culture

Tidemark to present Krisanne Baker show

Water Trust, by Krisanne Baker

WALDOBORO -- Global water activist, educator, artist, parent and neighbor, Krisanne Baker, lives on the bank of the Medomak River in Waldoboro. This month, Tidemark Gallery is proud to present an exhibit of her Medomak River paintings and a digital media installation focused upon the contents of one drop of water. It is also about all the water on the planet – probably our most valuable and vulnerable resource.

Baker says, “Water is our lifeblood,” and through her art, she promotes advocacy for ‘all bodies of water – oceans, rivers, streams, vernal pools’” as a unified and living entity.

“Water connects every living being to this planet. … We are drawn to water’s beauty, as well as out of necessity.” With gentleness and care, Baker makes her point: the water that we drink is the same water that we use to wash away some of our worst “stuff.” It is perhaps our most potent symbol of cleanliness, health and spiritual redemption. “Water has long been viewed as a miracle substance that could somehow dissipate all toxins and garbage thrown into it…” We’ve learned – and continue to learn – that these things don’t just disappear.

Baker is a life-long lover of water; her various works, whether paintings, sculptural installations, or any of her growing list of experimental/documentary short films all focus on concerns for water quality, availability, and water rights. Baker’s water films can be viewed at Tidemark Gallery from October 17 through November 10, along with her paintings. She will give a brief gallery talk around 6pm at the opening reception on Saturday, October 20. The reception will begin at 5pm, ending at 7pm..

Her 2010 film 'Upstream to Downstream (In Our Bloodstreams) was recently featured at the Portland Maine Film Festival at the October 6 screening of 'Women in Film' hosted at Maine College of Art. In addition, her films are currently featured on a 3-year traveling world tour with the waterlogic film venue ‘Water, Water Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource’ now at the Los Gatos Museum in California -- http://www.museumsoflosgatos.org/site/calendars/film-screening-water-water-everywhere-paean-to-a-vanishing-resource/– next stop, Nigeria. To see more of Baker’s work on water, please go to www.krisannebaker.com.

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