What music will the GOP be able to play?

Posted Thursday, August 23, 2012 in Politics

What music will the GOP be able to play?

Rage Against the Machine, which recently told Paul Ryan to cease playing their songs at campaign rallies.  They were joined by Twisted Sister, whose anthem "We're Not Going to Take It" was subsequently used by Ryan.

by Gina Hamilton

This may not be such an issue for Mitt Romney, but Paul Ryan, at age 42, wants to be considered hip enough to jibe with other 40-something hipsters, joined by the music that was popular when they were young.

The problem for Ryan is, the purveyors of the music that was popular when he was young are telling him to put down the CD and back away.

Recently, Rage Against the Machine (admittedly an odd choice for a politician to choose, considering that politicians are the machine, after all) refused to allow Ryan to play their music at his campaign appearances. 

Then yesterday, Twisted Sister told him to stop playing their anger-anthem, "We're Not Going to Take It" at campaign stops.

Ryan's generation came of age in the late 80s and early 90s, which means his choices are somewhat interesting.

Some are just wildly inappropriate in an election year, such as "Californication", by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially the line about the "teenage bride with a baby inside getting high on good vibrations".

Nirvana offers an option, I suppose, since Kurt Cobain isn't around to ask, but imagine Ryan appearing on stage to a rousing chorus of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

Then there's Bad Religion ... oh, wait, maybe not. Still, whether they like it or not, Ryan and Romney do rather perfectly resemble the "automatons in business suits, swinging black boxes" from "Inner Logic".

I suppose Guns n Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine" might work. One of the songs that didn't make their Appetite for Destruction album was called "November Rain", and that might be more appropriate.

But he might be better off just using Whitney Houston's "All the Man that I Need", and hoping for the best.

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