Humble Rants 25 July 2012

Posted Wednesday, July 25, 2012 in Opinion

Humble Rants 25 July 2012

by Robert Skoglund, aka The humble Farmer

You are missing a lot if you do not open an Encyclopedia Britannica at random every morning and read for 10 minutes. 

Educating myself in this manner every morning for years was instrumental in getting me kicked off Maine Public Radio because I had the unfortunate habit of blabbing to my radio friends what is contained in these unsavory volumes.

Do remember that there is one political party that is adamantly opposed to the education of the teeming masses — and the MPBN boardroom is packed with people who belong to that party. You can easily Google each one of these deep-pocketed folks and see how many tens of thousands of dollars they have recently contributed to ensure the election of the tax-cutting, anti-intellectual politicians in that party.

This morning I learned that a certain Byzantine emperor had his infant sons elected Augusti to ensure that they would succeed him. After the acceptance of Christianity it was easier for others to get away with this kind of an election because people were told that it was the will of God. Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 4, page 526.

If I were young, I would hesitate to admit that I own and read an Encyclopedia Britannica because many people under a certain type of government have ended up in a concentration camp for less. But at 76 I can at least hope that I'll be long gone before the far right consolidates its grip on the provincials and executes those who have traveled. The worst they'll be able to do to me is dig up my bones and either burn them or hang them from a gibbet by the village gate.

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