Editorial: An open letter to Mrs. Romney

Posted Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Opinion

Editorial: An open letter to Mrs. Romney

Dear Ann Romney,

You and your husband are very, very wealthy.  We understand that.  We also understand that there are probably things in your financial history you don't feel comfortable revealing. 

The problem is, your husband has applied to work for us.

Our requirements for the position involve looking at your husband's financial records, to determine, for ourselves, whether he has been entirely truthful with us.  We understand that, unfortunately, your own privacy may be somewhat compromised.  We are very sorry about this, but the position your husband has applied for is so important that some privacy concerns have to be set aside.

You and your husband have the option of withdrawing your application for the position, of course. 

It is in your own best interests to release the information we are requiring, however.  Right now, the missing documents are open to speculation, and interpretation.  And believe me, Mrs. Romney, the speculation will become only more dangerous to his candidacy.  Did the two of you speculate in subprime housing? Did you have a large interest in British Petroleum during the oil spill? Were you caught up in the 2009 Swiss bank scandal and avoided jail time by amnesty?

Right now, we don't know.  And if your husband really wishes to hold the job, it's the kind of thing we need to know.

The other thing we wanted to mention, Mrs. Romney, is that referring to those of us who will be employing you as "you people" is really just not done.  We would appreciate appropriate deference to your potential future employers.

Thank you.

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