Frances Perkins Center to open exhibit

Posted Tuesday, May 1, 2012 in News

Frances Perkins Center to open exhibit

Frances Perkins

NEWCASTLE -- The Frances Perkins Center invites the public to attend the Tuesday, May 8th opening of its exhibit, “Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal”. The ten panel exhibit documents the life and accomplishments of Frances Perkins from her roots in Newcastle, Maine to her lasting legacy to the American people-- the Social Security Act.

Perkins was the first woman to serve as a US Cabinet member and was the Secretary of Labor from 1933-1945 during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.

The 2 to 6 PM event is designed to allow members of the community to stop by Skidompha library at any point during the afternoon, hear a short presentation by a Perkins’ expert, engage in conversation and light refreshments and then take a guided tour of the Center’s exhibit.  All are welcome and the event is free of charge.

What:  Brief presentations, refreshments and exhibit tours

When:  Tuesday, May 8, 2012

              Event: 2 to 6 PM

Where:  All presentations will be held at Porter Hall, Skidompha Library, Damariscotta. Tours of the exhibit at the Frances Perkins Center will follow each presentation.


2:15 - 2:30      Frances Perkins: Personal Recollections 

3:15- 3:30        Maine Roots: Source of Frances Perkins’ Values

4:15 - 4:30       Creating the Interpretive Exhibit

5:15- 5:30        Frances Perkins Center Projects and Future Plans

About the Frances Perkins Center: The Center carries on Frances Perkins' commitment to social justice and economic security and tells the story of her accomplishments as the first woman Cabinet member, FDR's secretary of labor for 12 years, and a principal architect of the New Deal. Information about the speakers and the Center can be found at Contact the Center at or call 207-563-3374.

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