Poliquin declares income from seven sources

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2012 in News

Poliquin declares income from seven sources

AUGUSTA -- State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin listed seven private sources of income -- including his two businesses -- on an annual financial disclosure report he filed earlier this month.

Poliquin has been under fire because the state constitution forbids the treasurer from engaging in business while he is also being paid a salary of more than $80,000 per year to serve in his constitutional office. 

Poliquin owns two businesses in Phippburg: the Popham Beach Club, and Dirigo Holdings, which is mainly responsible for the Popham Woods development.  In addition, he listed real estate and financial investments as sources of income, and noted his son's internship as family income as well.

The financial report he provided in 2010 did not include his private businesses.  The report in 2011 reported only the sources of outside income, and does not say how much they provided.

Attorney General William Schneider had advised Poliquin to hand off his business duties to others, and Poliquin has said he no longer is involved in the day-to-day operations of Dirigo Holdings or the Popham Beach Club.  Meanwhile, the State Supreme Court refused a request by the House of Representatives to rule on whether or not Poliquin has violated the Constitution.

In April, all constitutional officers are required to file income disclosures, which could reveal any conflicts of interest.  In addition to Poliquin, Gov. Paul LePage filed, and noted no sources of addition income aside from his salary as governor.  Attorney General Schneider reported investment income and disability income from the VA.  Secretary of State Charlie Summers revealed investment income and a second income as commander in the Naval Reserve.

The reports are available at www.maine.gov/ethics/executive/2011_executive_soi.htm.

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