Editorial: GOP cop-out

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in Opinion

Editorial: GOP cop-out

What is the point of working together, across the aisles, painfully working out bipartisan legislation to produce a balanced budget, if one party dries up like a dead spider and blows away when the governor vetoes part of the bill?  Never mind that the LePage line-item veto unbalanced a carefully balanced budget; never mind that all the hard work that the two parties put into it to make it something that everyone could vote for, even if they had to hold their noses to do it.

This is not the way Maine politics should be.

And the GOP should be ashamed of themselves.

But not only is the way the GOP behaved underhanded and in very bad form, it was also insane from a political point of view.  Why? Because Paul LePage won't be in office forever.  He probably won't survive his first reelection bid.  Republicans undoubtedly suspect this; that's why they pushed every ALEC-sponsored voter suppression bill that they could find during this Legislature.  When LePage is gone, Republicans will want to go back to the way Maine politics should have been during their chance at leadership.

Will the Democrats play ball then? Or will they marginalize the GOP?

If there are anymore secret stunts like this one, it's unlikely that even the most fair-minded and bipartisan-leaning Democrats will forget this debacle.  And not a soul could blame them.

But Maine will end up being the loser.

Get your act together, House and Senate leadership.  Remember you are in the Legislature; you are not junior members of the governor's staff. 

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