Humble Rants 18 April 2012

Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2012 in Opinion

Humble Rants 18 April 2012

by Robert Skoglund, aka The humble Farmer

Have you heard the police telephone conversation with the guy who is watching two people breaking into the house next door?

He called the police, who are afraid he'll shoot them when they show up to grab the crooks, so they tell him to stay in the house. Several times.

But he is not going to miss this chance to shoot someone, so he rushes out his front door and blows two guys away with his shotgun. 

Now ... I'd like to have my neighbor do that for me if someone were breaking into my house, and I'd probably slip him some small, unmarked bills for his work, but you've got to admit that it sets a rather dangerous precedent.

This guy in Florida who recently jumped out of his car to provoke a confrontation with a kid who was walking down the street ... talking on his cell phone, of course ... might be responsible for getting an unfortunate red-neck law off the books.

What that law amounts to in this case is Chase-them-down and then Stand-your-ground. The way it is interpreted now, I could see you walking down the street, I jump out of my car with my gun, give you a bit of sass, and when you gave me some sass back, I could feel "threatened," stand my ground, and blow you away.

T’will be interesting to see how that Florida incident plays out. When my grandfather was a kid here in the U.S. it was OK to duel and kill someone in a "fair" fight. It looks like shooting people in a “fair” fight has been brought back by popular demand.

... Come to think of it, dueling is coming back, just like the Republicans' War on Women, a battle which we thought had been decided years ago.

... And then we have the folks who own corporate America who are adamantly opposed to the kind of health care that is enjoyed by people in almost every other industrialized country in the world.

In every age in every country there seem to be individuals who, for reasons best known to themselves, do not want to live in a civilized society.


An 88-year-old man from Dover-Foxcroft told me that he firmly believes living in Florida in the winters adds 10 years to your life ... unless you're black and carrying a bag of Skittles.

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