'Keep Jobs In Maine' tabled by GOP leadership

Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in News

'Keep Jobs In Maine' tabled by GOP leadership

Rep. Seth Berry

AUGUSTA -- A House bill drafted by Rep. Seth Berry (D-Bowdoinham) to keep taxpayer-funded corporations from moving jobs out of Maine was unexpectedly tabled by GOP leaders on Friday. 

On a party line vote, Maine legislative leaders have rejected a bill the sponsor says would create jobs and prevent outsourcing of jobs from the state.

Berry said that he drafted the measure because too often Maine has lost jobs as companies take tax breaks and taxpayer subsidies, and then ship the jobs they created to other states, or even other countries.

"The Keep Jobs in Maine Act would require companies seeking public funding, tax exemptions and other taxpayer assistance to pledge the jobs would be created and not outsourced soon after by the subsidized company," Berry said. "If passed, the Keep Jobs in Maine Act would also require violators to repay the state or municipality in proportion to the number of jobs shipped overseas."

Berry says the state has provided so many tax breaks that they now exceed the amount of taxes that are collected every year, according to Capitol News Service. Legislative leaders decided not to consider the bill this session.

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