Frosty's Donuts: A Brunswick Staple

Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in Features

Frosty's Donuts: A Brunswick Staple

Story and Photos by Tyler Drumm

Frosty's Donuts have long been a staple of the residents of Brunswick and neighboring towns. Founded by Bob and June Frost back in the 1965, Mainers in the midcoast region regarded them as the best donut makers around, and the Frosts ran a successful business for more than 40 years.  Although listed around $700,000 for months, the asking price of the business dropped after June Frost passed away in the summer of 2011. This is when Nels Omdal and Shelby St. Andre stepped in and made an offer, and the legacy of Frosty's was given a second fighting chance. And trust me, they're winning the fight.

Nels and Shelby closed on the property in the second week of January, and opened on February 11, 2012. Since then, business has been booming. Along with the purchase of the building, they also inherited the coveted recipes. To thouroughly train the new owners, John Frost, Bob Frost's son, is training them in the fine art of donut making. Crafting between 180-250 dozen donuts a day, they're producing about three times more than the Frosts were, plus they're open on weekends. This has been a luxury that many Mainers have been enjoying, myself included. I stopped by on Saturday to get an additional photo for the story, and from 8 a.m. onward there was always a person at the counter. (from the moment the doors open the donuts fly off the shelves.)

Frosty's has that small town vibe that anyone would love. While I was there a customer discovered he only had a credit card, but Shelby tells the customer "Don't worry about it. I'll see you again, and you can pay me then." Not more than 15 minutes later, the man returned to pay for his donuts. I think that speaks volumes about the service, and the quality of the product. They don't need to worry about anyone getting donuts from anywhere else, because Frosty's are simply the best that you can find.

Most people don't realize that making donuts is not a short process. Making the actual donuts can take up to three hours, and is a very time sensitive process, especially with the soft flaky and delicious raised donuts. When the donuts sell out, they're out for the day. So get there early and enjoy the full selection of the day's offerings.

Omdal and St. Andre spoke of being open for longer and producing donuts throughout the day, but nothing is certain yet. I expect to keep seeing great things from Frosty's. With the likes of a Maple Bacon Donut that's in its development stage, I am sure they could craft up some pretty adventurous donuts that would end up being delicious.

Frosty's is located at 54 Main Street in Brunswick, and is open from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Once you go Frosty's, you won't consider what Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Horton's serves an actual donut. 

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