Not deferential enough: A new baby

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in Opinion

Not deferential enough: A new baby

by Gina Hamilton

Happiness, Linus once said, is a warm puppy.  And who couldn't agree with that?

Two weeks ago Chris and I (and Rudie the Dog) drove a long, long way to pick our grand-dog, that is, Rudie's little baby.  Our son and heir doesn't seem inclined any time soon to beget us one of the human variety, and Rudie can't have one of her own.

She'll be five next month, and it's high time she had something else to do than play with the grown-ups.  She's getting a little chunky (aren't we all?) and we are getting old and tired and don't take her for as many walks and trips to the dog park, so of course the solution to that is to get another dog.

Not another adult, mind you.  No, we decided to get a brand new baby.

Our little baby's name will be Grace (or Gracie, as in, say good night).   She's not home yet ... she needs another month with her biological mother, but I'm already baby-proofing the house - we have cords and things everywhere, and all these shoes in the hallway MUST go - and have asked for an old playpen on freecycle.  No luck yet, but I bet I can probably find one at Goodwill if I can't get one for free.  Our son and heir even cleaned his room, which astonished us both.

Now the last thing we really needed was another dog, but imagine how sweet it will be to have a baby that fits in a stocking at Christmas!

Wait ... wait.  No tinsel.  No glitter. No ornaments within two feet from the ground.  Pick up needles as soon as they fall.  Wrap the cords up in cotton so she doesn't chew on them and get electrocuted.  Take all the trash out as soon as it's trash so she doesn't choke on ribbons or dig out a turkey carcass.  Make sure she's safely in the playpen in the bedroom on Boxing Day when there will be a hundred people in the house.

But oh, how cute she'll be!

Gracie comes from a home where they have four adult springer spaniels, and the people there don't seem insane, so I am sure we can do it with two. 

However, Rudie knows something is up, and she's not at all sure she likes it.  Of course, she went with us to Gracie's house, which was a wonderful place, with a fish pond, chickens, cats, dogs, and kids.  Plenty of woods to romp in.  A nice swimming hole right out back. Well, we'll have chickens too, and I guess this means we really have to fence the yard next spring.

Rudie is getting ... could it be? Jealous? of a puppy that's not even home yet?  Of her own baby?

All I know is, she's been clingier and more needy since our trip to New Hampshire. 

But the deed is done, and Rudie (and the poor cats) will ultimately get used to a wriggly, tiny baby puppy.  They managed to get used to everything else ... eventually. 

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