Humble Rants 19 October 2011

Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2011 in Opinion

Humble Rants 19 October 2011

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

My friend Tim recently observed that "humans have been steadily pumping out more and more humans."

Isn’t this a necessary condition if a plethora of working people are to be kept in constant competition for sweatshop wages?

Has it escaped your attention that the members of one political party are adamantly opposed to anything that will decrease the population of our already overcrowded planet?

You might agree that war kills a lot of people and that these same folks eagerly use any shopworn excuse to fight a war. You have heard them bleat, "We have to fight them over there to keep them from coming over here." Many people who have never heard a news broadcast that actually broadcasts news have heard this mantra so many times that they might really believe it.   

But if you think about it you know that the right kind of war can wreak enough havoc in an infrastructure to make people breed like rabbits. If you recently attended the show at a gallery in Rockland, you saw pictures of African refugee women, each of whom were struggling to feed from four to eight hungry children.

Over 50 years ago sociology Professor Paul Barker down at Gorham State told his students that sending food to starving people in an unsustainable system only enables them to continue the never-ending cycle of even more starving people.

Was Professor Barker right? Do you believe that sending hungry people food only produces more hungry people? Do you believe that if hungry people were encouraged and enabled to practice birth control, in 20 years a sustainable society would be created where there would be no hungry people?

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