Xanadu: A stately pleasure dome

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in Culture

Xanadu: A stately pleasure dome

Jenny Lee Stern and Brandon Andrus as Clio/Kira and Sonny.

by Gina Hamilton and Jean Anthony

BRUNSWICK -- Xanadu, which runs through August 6 at the Maine State Music Theatre, is a colorful ball of energy wrapped up with a bit of whimsy and a few touches reminicent of an English pantomime.

It has nothing to do with Kubla Khan or caverns measureless to man or any of that Coleridge jazz.  Instead, it is based on a campy 80's film featuring the music of Olivia Newton John and Electric Light Orchestra.

A down in the dumps artist, Sonny (played by Brandon Andrus) is visited by the Muse Clio (calling herself Kira with a deliciously awful Australian accent, played by Jenny Lee Stern) who inspires Sonny to take a boarded up dance hall and turn it into a roller disco.

Of course, there are obstacles.  First is the owner of the building, Danny Maguire, who was also 'inspired' in his younger years, but turned his back on the gift.  A more serious threat are Clio's sisters, Melpomene (Charis Leos) and Calliope (Erin Maguire), who cast a spell to make Clio fall in love with the mortal Sonny, which is forbidden by Zeus.

Of course, Zeus figures it out, with a-musing consequences. 

Fans of ELO and Olivia Newton John will also enjoy Xanadu's glittery late seventies' rock and soulful ballads. 

Tickets are on sale at the box office, or by calling 725-8769, or visiting MSMT on the web at www.msmt.org.

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