A foggy Harpswell afternoon

Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Features

Thick bridge fog

The fog was thick like pea soup. Well, maybe not pea soup, but perhaps a variety of hearty chicken soup. It was warm enough for shorts however, so we seized the opportunity to dress casually.

tire on the beach

Kelsey has an natural gravitation towards areas with seaglass, so she was repeatedly found crouched on the ground picking out the good and the bad pieces. She has to utilize some type of quality control...

Kelsey Seaglass

I had rented a 35mm f/1.4L for a wedding I shot over the weekend. Providing what qualifies as a "wide angle field of view" on a full frame (35mm) DSLR, it lends itself to shooting landscape photos, as well as performing superbly in low light situations.


There were some interesting scenes to capture out in Harpswell. All of the boats just seemed to be barely in the grasp of the fog, but they were still visible.


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