Three polls show support for clean elections

Posted Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in News

PORTLAND -- Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) released three spring polls that probe public opinion on the Maine Clean Election system.

The group placed three questions in the Critical Insights on Maine Spring Tracking Survey, five questions in the Maine People's Resource Center's Public Opinion Survey, and three questions in Pan Atlantic's SMS Group Omnibus Poll.  

"This suite of surveys gives the clearest picture yet of what Maine people think about Clean Elections," said Alison Smith, Co-president of MCCE.  "Support is deep and wide."

The questions asked about the importance of Clean Elections and about whether or not the law should be repealed.

"Repeal is a non-starter among Maine voters," said Ann Luther, Co-president of MCCE.  "Particularly in the case of the governor's race, Maine people want to have a Clean Election option, and they want candidates to use it."

Poll highlights:

  • 85% of respondents in the Critical Insights poll say that it is important to continue to have a Clean Election program in Maine, with 68% saying "Very important."  
  • Support for repeal or partial repeal of Clean Elections is very low in all three surveys (10 - 16%).
  • More than three quarters of respondents say that gubernatorial candidates should use the Clean Election system.

The polls were conducted between April 25th and May 8th.  Questions were similar, but not identical, and each firm used somewhat different methodology. 

The full survey reports are available online at

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