Humble Rants

Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011 in Opinion

20 April 2011

by Robert Skoglund, aka the humble Farmer

We read in the paper that "Everything from junior’s first two-wheeler to the highest-end road bike would cost more under a Republican lawmaker’s plan that would apply a new tax on bicycles purchased in Maine."

Oops. Someone must have pointed out that working people can no longer buy gas and will be riding bicycles.

But it will be a hot summer day in Maine before that crowd slaps a tax on the two million dollar yachts that tie up in Camden.

If you will read the newspapers, you will read many reasons why the rich should not pay taxes on anything.

Guess who owns the newspapers.

The humble Farmer

P.S. Again, keep your eye on the ball. Remember the reasoning behind monkey kung fu. This might be a simple diversionary tactic --- or even a bargaining tactic. --- We won’t tax your bicycles if you don’t tax our yachts.

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