The New Maine Times is a new, nonprofit, online-only news operation incorporated in 2011. Reporters, photographers, graphic designers and editors come from newspapers around the state, including the Coastal Journal, the Forecaster, the Kennebec Journal, the Portland Press Herald, the Casco Bay Weekly, the Portland Phoenix, and the original Maine Times, which folded in 2004.

All of these individuals share a common vision for journalism in Maine: that it be very vigilant, providing a valuable role as watchdog to government and other interests; that it be responsive to readers' needs; that it speak for the natural world; and that, in the words of the indomitable Finley Peter Dunne, the job of journalism is to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

None of them believes that journalism in Maine is currently doing these things. The best model for that kind of journalism in Maine was not hard to find -- it was the model of the Maine Times itself, as created by John Cole and Peter Cox. And so, in March of 2011, the New Maine Times was born.

The New Maine Times is a little different from its illustrious ancestor. In addition to its more traditional investigative, political, and sustainability missions, it is also focusing on economic analysis, arts and culture reporting statewide, and the needs of an aging population in transition. The New Maine Times maintains an ethical policy of complete transparency in funding and support.

With the help of young people who understand social media marketing and networking, the New Maine Times has already generated a buzz. The New Maine Times will upload new content weekly, every Wednesday, after its initial launch on Friday, April 15.